Nowadays, people lose their jobs and prices of resources are rising. People try to cut their electricity bills so they can save up for other things. one way to save their electricity bill is to shut off their heaters

According to a research, heating and cooling systems in houses are responsible for at least 50% to 70% of the total electricity normal houses use. therefore, if people would like to spend more money when they design and build their houses, they can save themselves a lot of money for the long term because they do not need to turn on their heaters as often as other people during winter but can still manage to keep their house warm. Adding to that, a well insulated house might be easier to rent out and at a higher price because renters are also aware of the money that they use to pay their electricity bills.

shutting down our heater also saves natural resources as electiricty is produced through buring oil, coal or nuclear reactions. if we use up these resources too fast, our future generation might have nothing left to use. this might effect the whole industry. for example as car, if there is no oil left for people to run their cars, would the car factory be able to sell out any cars? the answer is no and that is one of the major reason that we should build our houses with good insulation.

As stated in one of the passage, 100 years ago the electricity was still developing. Therefore, it’s unlike today that people use it widely. This is the main reason why people living 100 years ago could save more money, it is because most of time they use natural resources rather than electricity as a source for warming their houses.

100 years ago, the people would build their own houses, knowing the physical environment conditions well. They used natural resources for building, such as wood to be an insulator, and stone which can conduct heat well and fast.

Nowadays, people keep seeking for more advantage ways for warming their houses. They hope to have a better life with better living conditions. More inventions are been invented, people use their money for buying the newest inventions, which usually cost their lots of money. But they don’t know that actually you can keep your houses warm just by building them with good insulations.

And 100 years ago, prices of commodities are not as high as today. So people living 100 years ago could save more money than today. prices of commodities are rising as time past.